Consign to SELL


Consignment Shop

This option is ideal for when you want to sell an item or two but would prefer to sell for a predetermined fixed price rather than selling in an auction. When you consign your item to our shop you determine the asking price.

We can help turn your quality items into CASH 


Consign to Online Auction

We advertise our auctions to a large target audience to ensure you are getting your items seen by as many prospective buyers as possible and come auction day…at the highest price!  Unlike items placed in our consignment shop you do not have any input into the final selling price of your items. History has shown that the auction marketplace is not only the quickest way to sell your items but always at the true market value if you have the right audience. 

Consigning to Our Shop

We have some conditions that we hope will help to make your experience selling in our shop very pleasing.

  • We limit the number of items available in our store to a maximum of 100 and the limit to any individual category is capped at 20 items.
  • We only accept quality items for the consignment shop.
  • We only accept items that we feel will have a very good chance of selling in our shop. Let’s face it a good shopkeeper knows what the buyers want.
  • You will set your “selling” price.but we will offer our guidance to help you arrive at a reasonable amount.

Ready to consign?  Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you soon!   

Consigning to our Auction

Information you should be aware of if you wish to sell your items in our auction.

  • We try to limit the number of lots in each of our online auctions.  If you wish to consign to our auction please contact us early to reserve the appropriate number of lot spaces.
  • Bidding on your own items is NOT ALLOWED. We monitor all bids and will permanently remove anyone that is caught bidding on their own items or having a friend bid on their lots.  This is known a shill bidding and is illegal.
  • All items that receive no bids and are not sold must be picked up before settlement will be made on any other items that were sold.  Items not removed within 7 days will become our property and will be disposed of by any means as we see fit with any disposal costs charged back to the consignor. 

Ready to sell a few items in an auction?  Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you soon.