Buying at

  • All GTAbids auctions are online only timed sales with a specific end time.
  • Buyers must register with a Visa or Mastercard credit card prior to bidding.
    At the time of registration a $1.00 pre-authorization charge will be placed against the card to ensure that there are no mistakes and that the card can be charged for any winning bids made by you, the $1.00 pre-authorization will fall off and never actually be charged to your card.
  • Once registered, you can visit the auction and browse the auction lots for those you are interested in bidding on.
  • Place your bid by inserting your bid amount into the form and clicking on the “bid” button. All bids must follow our bid increment schedule otherwise the bid will not be accepted by the software. A bid will be placed on your behalf up to the next bid increment to outbid any competing bidder but never for more than your bid amount.
  • For best results we have found that placing your maximum bid early helps. In the event of a tie bid the bidder that placed the bid first will be declared the winner. Bidding early also ensures your bids will not be missed because you forgot to come back before the auction ended or due to unforeseen circumstances such as power or internet outages.
  • At the end of the auction invoices will be generated and the credit card on file will be charged the full amount of your winning bids and your invoice will be emailed to you. You can check to see which lots you won by logging into your account, if you see “May have Won” beside the item it means you won the lot.
  • On pickup day it is simply a case of showing up with a copy of your invoice along with your ID to pickup your items. Please be sure to bring all packing material and any helpers that you may need to assist. We are pretty busy on pickup day and unable to help you with these tasks.